Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge for the delivery?

< €69 = Europe 🇪🇺 - €9.99

< €69 = The Baltic States 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹 - €4.99

> 69€ = Free Shipping

DHL Express shipping will be an extra charge.

Who provides the delivery?
Parcel delivery is provided by DHL, GLS, and Smartpost (Itella).
Where are deliveries made?
We deliver products to Portugal and Spain.
How long does the delivery take?
It takes up to 24h to process the order for shipping.
Delivery times depend on your location. 
Smartpost Parcel Machine (1-3 working days)
GLS  (3-7 working days)
DHL ECONOMY (3-7 working days)
DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE (1-2 working days)

Payment methods.
Payment can be made by bank link (Citadele, Mastercard, Visa, Swedbank, Luminor, LHF, SEB) transfer, credit card, or cryptocurrency.

Is shopping with you safe?

Communication with you is encrypted when card data is exchanged. We use the highest level of security. Snuscore never processes or stores any credit card information. You can get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger, e-mail, and phone: +370 (625) 55 809.
Terms and conditions
Do I have to pay customs fees? is not liable for any non-performance caused by circumstances beyond our control, which directly or indirectly prevents, obstructs or renders production, delivery or freight uneconomical until such obstacle has been removed (force majeure). Such circumstances shall be deemed to include difficulties to procure raw materials as well as other difficulties and disturbances, including but not limited to war, riot, labour conflicts, fire, flood, storm, accident, fuel or power shortages, transportation shortages, obstacles or interruptions regarding transportation at sea and breakdowns or interruptions of any kind as regards to our equipment or facilities, which are deemed necessary for the performance of our agreements' obligations.

Duties & taxes
Do I have to pay duties and taxes?
The tax is included in the price for packages shipped within the EU, if you order to a country outside of the EU, please contact your local customs office for information since customs policies depends on the country. It is your responsibility as a customer to make sure the product can lawfully be imported to the country of your choice. The additional customs charges must be borne by the recipient.


Can I cancel my order?
Please contact us if you wish to cancel your order. It can only be canceled if it has not yet been removed from storage, so you must contact us as soon as possible. Contact us using our e-mail -

Is it possible to return the product?
Product returns are partially possible and can be found in more detail in the "Return Policy" section.